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Plastic Bodies

Hey guys – Tiff here! It seems as though natural bodies have gone extinct..well let me rephrase. The attention has increased to women who have had plastic surgery to enhance their look. Back then via the 90’s era, being skinny was the thing. Take the Victoria Secret models, it was known and promoted that you must be skinny to be a model and if you had any type of curves, the category “plus size” comes into play. Most female celebrities at that time promoted that skinny was in as well as giving a message to the younger generation at that time. It was seen as unattractive if you had curves or were a bigger size – sucks right.. smh

Now things have changed as curves are in, which is a beautiful thing! Fenty is taking over and crushing Victoria Secret because they provide clothing for any female size. Celebrities like Lizzo and Ashley Graham are promoting that women should be proud of their curves! The problem here is now there are females getting work done to their bodies to match this “curvy” lifestyle.

Most quote on quote instagram models have a big butt, super skinny waist line and a big chest – that is the new look that is honestly making them a lot of money, and is being promoted. This hourglass figure is now what most women want and strive for. Females are getting plastic surgery to get that “big butt” or “skinny waist” not thinking of the possible complications they could have down the line. There are even waist trainers and teas to get the belly fat gone. Main question here is, are they getting these “surgeries” because that is what they truly want or because it is in trend?

My point here is when will the world see that natural bodies are the trend! Women need to embrace the body they are in and stop finding things to “fix.” All sizes are beautiful in their own way so why shine a negative light on that? We have been taught to follow the body figure trend and to fit it in whatever way possible. Embrace your outer and inner you and do not FALL FOR THE TRAP! Want to lose weight? Great, just workout and eat right – that simple. Hard but simple – nothing comes easy.

Let’s make natural bodies a trend and see where that take us.. THE WORLD IS OURS!


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