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Point Blank PERIOD ❤️

Shhhhhh……. 🤫

This topic typically does not want to be talked about.. or even mentioned.. but hey.. all women have their PERIODS. Yes, us women bleed once a month for about 3-5 days on average – crazy right? What is exactly involved you ask? Cramps, tampons or pads (whichever the preference is), food cravings, nausea, headaches, hormones, hormones, hormones and did I mention HORMONES which lead to mood swings 😩. If your that woman out there that has no symptoms at all, I envy you… hell we all envy you!

Unfortunately we have been taught to keep quiet about our lovely aunt.. oh by the way I call my period Aunt Flo. She comes when she wants at the worst time, and does not seem to care about what I may have going on. Anyway.. let me get to the point here!

Back then pads were made to not make much noise when changing them in the bathroom, preferably a public bathroom to keep other women from hearing it being changed. Why should a woman feel “ashamed” if another woman heard her change her pad. Yes there are tampons, however those things have always scared me and honestly, they are not healthy to use.. but that is another story for another day.

Let’s talk about the workforce. Women are expected to go to work while on their period, regardless of how they may be feeling. Imagine having a huge presentation while cramping the whole time while presenting it, and having to act like you are perfectly fine- yikes! There are medicines, but those do not always work and even if they do, you can still feel ill. There have been so many times that I personally have gone to work feeling like crap with no sympathy. Women have been taught to just suck it up and deal.

In my opinion, women should be allowed time off during their periods, or at least an option to work from home! We are the ones that bring humans into this world, so that’s the least thing that could be offered.

To all women out there with periods painful or painless, I am here to say that we need to stop being quiet and let our voice be heard! Be PROUD OF YOUR PERIOD! Give it a name and let it FLOW.

We do not just have to deal with it… we can be the change not just in the world but within ourselves. Our cycles are repeated each month, however the cycle can be changed for the future.

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